Provimi introduces new piglet feed program

02-09-2009 | |

Provimi BV in the Netherlands introduces a new piglet feed program. Farmers can now choose whether they want to focus on growth, health or reduce the labour.

Farms differ from each other regarding the number of sows in the farm and the number of sows per person. These aspects may require a different approach regarding the nutrition of the animals by different feed programs.

Therefore Provimi has developed three different new feed programs for piglets – HeavyPig: For farms, which want to have the best performance regarding daily gain, HealthyPig: For farms which want to optimise immunity to secure piglet health and EasyPig: for farms who want to minimise the labour in the rearing unit.

Important new elements in the program are the use of acids and en cinery, shea oil and bloodplasma. These technical improvements are supported by the introduction of a new bag design.

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