Protesters oppose chefs’ promotion of pork

25-03-2009 | |

Animal welfare protesters have targeted a restaurant of well know celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. They are protesting in response to Oliver’s promotion of British pork.

A recent television documentary fronted by Oliver investigated pig welfare standards, and he urged people to buy British pork rather than that produced in continental Europe, where the use of sow stalls are still common practice.

Using the chefs known phrase, members of Peta stood outside the restaurant holding placards bearing the words “Be Pukka to Pigs: Go Vegetarian” while a heavily pregnant supporter crouched in a crate beside them.

Oliver’s spokesman responded that the protesters should target other restaurants as the celebrity chef had long “championed the welfare of pigs” but would not be taking meat off his menus.

“If they want people to go vegetarian then they’re protesting in the wrong place,” he said. “The meat Jamie is serving up is very high quality. They should go make a protest somewhere that imports its meat.”