Protest against pork by-products, India

11-12-2006 | |

Suspicion of pork by-products being used in consumer foods such as jams, ketchups, chocolates and other foodstuffs prepared by Indian editions of MNCs, may cause protest demonstrations, possibly with incineration of some products.


A memorandum and sermons will be delivered in India, cautioning against the consumption of these foodstuffs. Allegations are based on an article published in Young Muslim Digest by Dr Mohammed Amzad Khan, who attributes his findings to a report by the French Government’s food department.

Jamiat Ulma Madhya Pradesh and his leaders demand the Government to ban the products using pig fats. The consumption of these products is forbidden as per Koranic injunction, under the Islamic faith.

The companies manufacturing the products have already clarified that their products do not contain pig fats and the codification is done in compliance with the Indian Food Law.


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