Programme for better pig farms in Uganda

07-05-2007 | |

A five-year programme, worth about US $0.5 million, has been launched in Uganda to improve facilities and efficiencies of the country’s traditional pig farms.

The programme, launched by the Modernisation of Agriculture Programme (MAP) and the Ugandan National Agriculture Services.

The improvement has to take place by providing farmers in this sector with better farm management skills, better animal breeds and other assistance enabling the traditional pig rearers to more effectively harness the big potential for a further increase in production and productivity that exists in this sector.

AI encouragement
The initiative also aims at encouraging the wider use and acceptance of artificial insemination on more traditional pig units in the country, since this has been identified as one of the quickest and cheapest possible means of improving the pig stock reared on Ugandan traditional pig units.

The initiative is also providing the traditional pig rearers with basic do it yourself disease prevention and control skills, in addition to showing the pig farmers how best to use locally available raw materials to better feed and house their animals.

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