ProCeres: new supplier for grain products

18-03-2010 | |

As from this month, a new producer has entered the market of high-quality feedstuffs. Dutch company ProCeres has started producing cereals with gelatinised starch. First products appear on the market in May.

The company will treat grains like maize and wheat using extrusion -© a procedure in which a combination of heat, moist and pressure will assure that starch in the cereals will reach a high gelatinisation rate.

The nutritional value will be maintained – starch will not be transformed to sugars. To guarantee the optimal gelatinisation rate, the company will continuously check end products.

For now, most important targets are the Dutch and German market, and the company consideres to enter the UK market as well. Main focus are the markets for piglet feed, pet food (dogs) and cow nutrition.

Focus on quality
In a press release, the company indicated that it restores balance on the market for gelatinised grains, which is suffering from low supplies. Products are manufactured in Doetinchem, the Netherlands.

Founder and CEO, Walter Bongers, said: “ProCeres uses strict quality criteria, for the raw materials we buy, for the production and for the end products.

“Our trade partners can count on high quality products.”

The company uses several quality systems, like GMP+, TrusQ and SafeFeed.

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