Prairie Swine Centre appoints new President

18-03-2009 | |

Following a world-wide search the board of the Prairie Swine Centre has appointed Lee Whittington as the new President/CEO.

“Mr. Whittington has demonstrated exceptional leadership over the course of his nearly 17 years with Prairie Swine Centre, but has distinguished himself most recently in working with the management team to address some of the most challenging times our industry has ever seen. The Board has great faith in the management team and staff under Mr. Whittington’s guidance,” announced the board.

Whittington, previously the Manager of Information Services, joined the Centre in 1992 to develop and manage an industry-focused information programme that would rapidly and effectively bring new research information to the pork industry. The technology transfer program and Mr. Whittington have received international recognition and several awards for the innovative and effective approaches used to speed the adoption of new technology by pork producers.

In looking forward Whittington notes, “Innovation and being close to the customer has allowed the Centre to achieve world-wide recognition for its near-market research programs. This will continue to be a mainstay of our brand. We see a tremendous future for the Canadian pork industry once we get beyond the current cost/price crisis which has gripped the industry for most of the past three years.©

“The Prairie Swine Centre sees a significant role for applied research to make the link between all players within the pork value chain. From cereal breeder to meat processing and consumption most of the innovation and value created in the chain takes place in the barn, that is where we excel as a resource to industry as well as academia.”

Prairie Swine Centre, located near Saskatoon, is a non-profit research corporation affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan, and is recognised globally for its contributions to practical, applied science in pork production in the disciplines of nutrition, engineering and applied animal behaviour.

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