Positive momentum for US pork in South Korea

23-12-2009 | |

US Meat Export Federation President (USMEF) and CEO Philip Seng has just returned from South Korea, where he had the opportunity to observe the impact of recently intensified marketing campaigns for US beef and pork.

Earlier this month, USMEF-Korea unveiled a multimedia advertising campaign designed to raise the visibility of US beef among Korean consumers and counteract persistent negative images that have lingered since US beef re-entered the market in mid-2008.

To spark interest in US pork as a year-round entrée selection, USMEF has also launched an advertising campaign to boost retail and restaurant sales.©US©pork has typically been available in retail stores only from May through August, Korea’s high demand season for pork belly.

But USMEF has recently persuaded some stores to begin selling US pork©year-round.

“One of the things we’re always trying to do at USMEF is try to make the US a primary supplier as opposed to a residual supplier,” he said.

Pork exports
There are about 25 countries trying to export pork to South Korea, Seng added. “We have a 30% market share.”

Seng says that these marketing efforts, along with an improving Korean economy, have created strong momentum for US beef and pork heading into the winter holiday season.

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