PorkBridge’s third year has strong finish

13-10-2008 | |

The third year of this distance education programme for those associated with grow-finish operations drew participants from 13 states and two Canadian provinces.

Decidedly low-tech because it requires no online connection, PorkBridge provides expert presentations on CD to subscribers who call a specific phone number at the designated time every other month. That program’s expert speaker presents the information to all on the 90-minute phone call as they follow along on their own computers.

The call is free to US and Canada subscribers. Participants can ask questions of the presenter during the session and after the session through a specific e-mail list. Past participants have found the program to be a highly beneficial use of their time, especially because no travel or time away from the farm is required.

The final session of this year’s schedule is this month, with registrations for next year available soon. The 2008-09 programme begins in December. Who should consider enrolling? Independent and contract growers, owners, operators, managers, employees, and technical service providers already are part of the satisfied subscriber list.

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