Pork Production Conference at VIV Asia 2015

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Pork Production Conference at VIV Asia 2015

Pig Progress and VNU Exhibitions have teamed up to present a Pork Production Conference which will be held on the first day of VIV Asia, on Wednesday, March 11.

The event will take place in Room 222 of the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), from 3pm until 5pm. Key to the Conference is to find answers and directions that help all pig producing countries, whether they are developing or are very developed.

The tentative schedule of this is as follows:

3pm – 3.30pm: Martin Hjorth Jensen, Carthage & MHJ Agritech Consulting (Suzhou)

The development and future of the Asian pork market

Not every pig market in Asia is the same, there is a very large difference in stages of development in the various countries. Where Japan or South Korea are saturated markets, and Thailand is developed, Vietnam is booming and Myanmar and Cambodia offer prospects. And right in the middle, a world on its own, is the Chinese pig industry. This presentation gives a good overview of where the Asian pork markets are at.

3.30pm – 4pm: Jason Shelton, global technology director, Cargill’s animal nutrition business, Provimi Singapore

Food quality, animal welfare, environmental concerns – why is nutrition a key?

4pm – 4.30pm: Rex Walters, British Pig Association

Genetics and disease resistance

Disease costs the global pig industry millions of euros/dollars per year. Ongoing research as to how to control disease is therefore very necessary. What if, for instance, there would be ways to avoid diseases from occurring by simply choosing the right genetics? Shopping at various breeds and investigating at gene level, this presentation aims to find answers.

4.30pm – 5pm: Geert Rutten, production & technical support manager Asia, Hypor

Increase total system profitability with high health pig genetics

Choosing high quality genetics is a first step to ensure good quality pigs as well. It is, however, no guarantee that things go well – as much depends on having good practices on farm and having proper management and biosecurity skills around and after birth. When all this comes together, pig breeders will be able to enjoy the advantages of high quality pig genetics to the most.

Pork Production Summit

The entire day will revolve around pigs and pork, as the Conference is preceded by a Pork Production Summit, which will take place from 11am until 2.30pm in two parallel sessions, in Rooms 222 and 223. The tentative schedule you can find here.

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