Pork prices rising in Poland

10-01-2008 | |

Since the opening of the Russian market for Polish pigmeat two weeks ago, prices for pork in Poland have risen €0.20 per kilo slaughterweight.

Polish chief veterinarian, Ewa Lech announced that 29 companies have been given permission to export meat to Russia, following inspections by the Russians in December.

Russia’s lifting of the ban on December 19, 2007 on Polish meat imports is seen as the major factor causing the price increase.

This increase contrasts with the pork price situation in the rest of the EU, which is currently stable. Other East European countries will be relieved to see an end to low-priced Polish pork exports.

However, in Poland, increased pork prices will likely influence rising food prices as inflation itself is rising to 5%.

Analysts believe that Poland will now be able to export around 30-50,000 tonnes of meat to the Russian market this year.

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