Pork off the menu for world leaders

31-03-2009 | |

British pork will not be served to world leaders at next week’s G20 banquet, even though the meat has been championed in recent weeks by Chef of the event Jamie Oliver.

The chef, whose recent TV show was called Jamie Saves Our Bacon, has left pork out of his six-course menu for President Barack Obama and other leaders at Downing Street.

Obama, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany are among the leaders due to be served by apprentices of Oliver who he helped to train.

Oliver indicated that he will avoid using pork because it could offend Muslim guests. Oliver’s spokesman said: “There will be no pork. He is cooking for the dietary requirements of all those attending. We are not revealing exactly what those ingredients are until next week.”

Oliver has spent months ensuring embassies and British diplomats approve of the ingredients for the meal.


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