Pork exports from UK allowed again

07-11-2007 | |

Good news for the UK as exports of meat and meat products – including pork -can resume again, the European Commission announced on Tuesday.

No new Foot-and-Mouth Disease discoveries were made since the latest outbreak in mid-September.

When it comes down to meat, Britain is now divided into three risk zones: high (3 km around the affected area; moderate (a 10 km buffer zone outside the affected area) and low (the rest of the UK).

The area in South East England, in the county of Surrey, surrounding the FMD affected zone, will remain subject to live animal and meat product movement restrictions.

Live animal exports from the UK are not allowed yet, as a “precautionary measure.”

Great Britain suffered two small outbreaks of FMD, one in August and one in September, in which altogether eight farms were affected.

The first outbreak was thought to be related to two nearby animal health laboratories in the town of Pirbright.

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