Pork dumplings not fake

07-08-2007 | |

Beijing police have detained a television reporter after false allegations of fake dumplings.

As a consequence, China’s top official in charge of propaganda, Li Changchun, a member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party Politburo, made the behind-closed-doors apology.
Zi Beijia, television reporter, concocted a story in which steamed pork dumpling-makers used pork flavoured cardboard in bun fillings. This caused at least six executives at Beijing Television, including the head of the station to lose credibility, some have been dismissed. Several reporters at major television stations will have to undergo re-education classes.
The hoax is not the first of its kind to hit global headlines recently. It comes at a time when China already faces international criticism for tainted foods.
Sources say Zi could face several years in jail for spreading a terror report.


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