Pork CRC research proposals on target

31-08-2009 | |

Research proposals for 2009/2010 submitted to the Pork CRC have demonstrated its continuing relevance to Australia’s pork industry, according to the CRC’s Project Manager, Graeme Crook.

The Pork CRC recently closed submissions on its latest round of Pre-research and Full Proposals, attracting a range of proposals to take its previous work the next step towards commercialisation.

“In its earliest days the CRC’s research took what might be termed almost a shotgun approach to research, identifying broad areas that were relevant to pork producers and where Australia was obviously behind its international competitors,” Crook said.

“These days, however, we’ve put away the shotgun in favour of a more precisely targeted sniper approach to research that continues to be very industry oriented.

“The latest research submissions from the industry are a real recognition of the Pork CRC’s value to industry stakeholders, especially pork producers and, ultimately and importantly, consumers.”

These submissions will be stringently assessed on their benefits to the industry, the ease and rate at which they can be adopted by producers and their originality.

“How much does each project benefit the industry is the key question,” Crook said.

He noted that the Pork CRC’s partnership with three of the industry’s biggest pork producers ensured its work was highly relevant to producers across Australia at a time when controlling costs was absolutely vital.

“The Pork CRC’s high levels of cooperation between its university participants and its private industry partners have made it a role model for other CRCs,” he said.

“Regular forums the Pork CRC holds with the widest possible spectrum of the industry also help generate ideas that are relevant to the industry as a whole,” Crook said.

The Pork CRC has invested almost $12 million in research projects in its first four years.

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