Pork CRC releases annual report

30-10-2009 | |

Australia’s Pork Cooperative Research Centre (Pork CRC) has released an online version of its annual report. Chairman Dr John Keniry delivered his views on the past year.

Fiscal 2009 proved one of significant recovery for the domestic industry inAustralia. The supply/ demand situation returned to a reasonable balance, following the reduction in sow numbers in 2008 and prices for pigs supplied for the fresh pork market firmed substantially. Rising prices, coupled with falling grain prices, allowed most producers a much-needed return to profitability.

The recovery situation in the domestic market contrasts sharply to that prevailing in many overseas markets, where prices have remained low because of the global economic downturn and perhaps as a result of consumer concerns about the H1N1 virus. In those markets, producers and processors are seeking to increase exports to reduce supply in their domestic market.

Despite the more buoyant times domestically, there is no room for complacency. Our processed market is still under attack from imports and we still have some way to go to make our industry internationally cost competitive. There remains an urgent need to continue to reduce costs and improve product attributes of interest to consumers, both core objectives of the Pork CRC.

Click here for the full Pork CRC annual report