Polish live pigs exported to Hungary

26-04-2007 | |

Poland has exported several hundreds of thousands of live pigs to Hungary that cannot be sold to Russia because a the trade row.

The Hungarian Meat Association made this news public.

The association’s secretary Attila Berczik told Reuters press agency: “There is the row, as a result of which there is overproduction in the Polish market which they are happy to divert to other (EU) member states like Hungary.”

The total number of pigs in Hungary has been declining for years now. Mainly, this is due to loss of some of its own markets in the former Soviet Union, a country that was a key buyer before 1990; in addition, competition increased after Hungary entered the European Union in 2004.

In 2006, Hungary imported approximately half a million Polish live pigs, compared to a domestic herd of about 4 million head. According to Berczik this was the majority of Hungary’s exports.

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