Podcast: A recap of pig year 2020

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Podcast: A recap of pig year 2020
Podcast: A recap of pig year 2020

The year 2020 has been a whirlwind and the pig industry noticed that as well. The makers of the Real P3 podcast series look back at the ups and downs of 2020, including lessons learnt. And they look ahead as well. What might 2021 bring?

The Real P3 podcast series is a recent initiative, in which pork professionals from all over the world are interviewed about challenges and solutions in their day-to-day work.

Market prices were excellent – and then plummeted

In this 8th episode of the podcast series, some of the creators of the Real P3 podcast series discuss what 2020 was like for swine producers and they also took a look ahead into the next year.

In the podcast, Philip van den Brink, nutritionist from the Netherlands, highlights the rise and subsequent fall of pig prices caused by African Swine Fever and Covid-19. “In the last 3 months they completely collapsed and nobody saw this coming. The most important reason is the ASF situation in the EU.”

And how did Covid-19 impact pig journalism? Pig Progress editor Vincent ter Beek shares his experience as well.

In the previous weeks, Pig Progress published earlier episodes of the Real P3 Podcast Series:

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Vincent ter Beek Editor of Pig Progress / Topic: Pigs around the world