Pigs at risk of contracting Hendra virus

04-02-2010 | |

Research showing that pigs are at risk of contracting the Hendra virus has caused concerns, according to the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).

It has also been noted that in a Canadian study it has been shown that pigs can possibly transmit the virus to humans.
Easily managed
Dr Mark Lawrie, AVA president has stated that an outbreak in a piggery could be more easily managed than in a stable of horses. “In some ways they’re more easy to be able to be managed than what horses are because they’re not free ranging, although there is concern with the wild pig population that there could be a risk there,” he added.
“I think also with the emergence of free-range piggeries, this could [increase the] disease risk.”
In 1994, Hendra virus was first©found in horses in Brisbane, Australia.

Source: ABC News

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