Pigmeat prices will go up, says Vion

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Prices for pigmeat will rise inevitably in due course, said Daan van Doorn, CEO for Vion Foods in the Netherlands.

“It will not happen straightaway, as many markets do still have plenty of stocks. But the tide is going to turn.”

Van Doorn was quoted making these comments as Vion presented its financial results for 2007, reports the Dutch newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad.

Heavy pressure
The food company noted that in 2007 results for the fresh meat division were under heavy pressure and financial achievements were worse compared to 2006.

Abundant pork supplies throughout Europe are said to be causing this. Van Doorn expected this situation to continue for some time. “Supermarkets are still full, meat processors in Italy and elswehere have plenty of meat stocks and the dollar is not cooperative either. In addition, the piglet production continues to be very high.”

Moment of change
However, he foresees a moment of change. “I think I might know when, but I am not going to tell.” Vion will not anticipate to this change, as Van Doorn is convinced that could be counterproductive.

Van Doorn emphasised that Vion is trying to pay good prices for pigmeat. “Last year, we paid more than would have been responsible,” he claims.

Joint venture
Vion announced last week that it has started a joint venture with the Russian meat processor Ramfood Group of Companies. According to Vion this offers opportunities to better serve Russian customers with packed meatproducts, in het Moscow region.

The Russian company has a turnover of more than €86 million.

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