Piglets stolen from UK farm

02-04-2009 | |

More than 500 piglets have been stolen from a UK farm, according to reports from the BBC.

Producer Rob Mercer estimates that the piglets which are all less than 5 weeks old would be worth more than £25,000. A theft on this scale has been unheard of for years. It is thought the thieves broke down a fence, on the free range farm, before walking half a mile to the pens and herding the piglets into a truck.

Mercer believes it will be difficult to conceal the stolen animals. “It’s not easy at all as they will be on a farm somewhere – whether that’s a large commercial farm or whether that’s a smallholding somewhere,” he said.

They will be in a shed somewhere being fed and reared up for selling in five months time, so it’s difficult to hide.” Neighbours reported hearing a commotion and seeing a van being driven suspiciously in the vicinity of the farm.

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