Piglet vaccines: most-effective against PCVAD

17-01-2008 | |

Piglet vaccines have been the most effective defence against porcine circovirus associated disease for one Canadian swine veterinarian.

Dr Françoise Cardinal believes that the introduction of new vaccines combined with improved management practices has been extremely effective in controlling the disease.

PCVAD is triggered by porcine circovirus type 2 and can be characterised by a wide variety of clinical signs from respiratory symptoms to reproductive failure to reduced productivity and to death.

Dr Cardinal comments that ,in his experience, the piglet vaccines have been more effective than the sow vaccine. He emphasises the importance of maintaining good biosecurity measures to keep PCVAD and other diseases under control.

Currently, there are three vaccines available in Canada, two which are administered to the piglet and one which is administered to the sow. An additional piglet vaccine is expected to become available shortly on the market.

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