Pig survives 36 days under quake debris

23-06-2008 | |

A pig in the capital city of earthquake-hit Sichuan Province has survived for 36 days under quake debris, according to Chengdu Business Daily.

The pig, raised by Wan Xinming in Tuanshan Village of Chengdu City, was named “Zhu Jianqiang” (Mr Strongwill) by Fan Jianchuan, who paid 3,008 yuan (US$438) to buy the pig.

The pig, which lost nearly 100 kilograms during the 36 days it was trapped, was found alive by soldiers on June 17, astonishing vets who believed pigs could survive only for five days without food and water.

The pig, which is used to consuming 30 kilograms of water and food a day, was said to have eaten charcoal to survive in the cramped space, which was roughly half a meter high.

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