Pig specialists at 20th JSR conference

15-07-2009 | |

The Annual JSR Technical Conference, this year entitled ‘Opportunities in Turbulent Times’ is taking place on Tuesday 15 September at Nottingham University.

The Technical Conference, now in its 20th year, continues to attract key pig industry figures and is considered to be one of the industry’s leading technical events.

Dr Grant Walling, Director of Research and Genetics at JSR, is key note speaker and will present his paper called Scientific Solutions to International Instability. Grant has overseen much of the pioneering breeding work at JSR, including the utilisation of CT scanning, genomic control of boar taint and is currently working with UK human IVF researchers looking to improve sow fertility.© His work has been crucial in establishing nucleus breeding programmes, maximising genetic improvement for JSR in Russia, South Korea, Japan and Argentina and he is currently developing similar programmes in Canada and China.©©

Speakers at the 2009 Technical Conference include:

• Dr Mike Varley, The Pig Technology Company, will present his paper called ‘Weaning Age Revisited.’

• Ben Woolley, Vice President of Sunterra Farms, will talk on the subject of ‘Managing Risk in the North American Pig Industry.’

• Dr Ronald Klont, Manager of Research and Development, Vion Food Group, will present ‘Challenges and Opportunities in Optimising the Pork Production Chain’.

• Robert Rees, MBE, The Cotswold Chef will be focusing on ‘Engaging All in the Cultural Shift.’

Risk management and controlling instability have become more relevant than ever for the agricultural industry, as global financial markets try to recover from recession, and it is for this reason, says JSR Chairman Tim Rymer, that the focus of the 2009 JSR conference is opportunities in turbulent times, “during a period such as this pig producers need to make sound investment decisions, manage risk, re-asses key performance objectives, utilise new science and technology and plan for the long term. As in past years, the JSR Technical Conference is a real opportunity for key industry figures to meet and discuss these issues, and the challenges that exist throughout the pork supply chain.

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