Pig Progress: First 2015 issue now available online

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Pig Progress: First 2015 issue now available online

Ever wanted to be part of a Pig Progress event? This is possible, as the title teams up with VNU Exhibitions during the upcoming edition of VIV Asia 2015, in Bangkok, Thailand. See what else this 2015 issue has in store for you.

Pig Progress is closely involved in the organisation of the VIV Pork Production Summit, held on Wednesday, March 11, in BITEC. Several independent speakers will share their views on the future of South East Asia’s future with regard to pig production and touch on themes like nutrition, market, health and genetics. Read more on this event on pages 5, 23 and 24.

In addition to this, many countries in the European Union are on their way to reducing the usage of antibiotics even further. From Denmark and the Netherlands, it is known that pork producers using too much get penalised. How exactly? And what about other countries in Europe? Where do they stand exactly? The article, which you will find on pages 16 will inform you  further.

The monthly farm visit takes us to Cameroon, for a look behind the scenes in a country where constructing a pig infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges ahead.

This month’s interview introduces Klaus Jørgensen and Claus Fertin – both gentlemen have been appointed to lead the Danish Pig Research Centre towards the future.

Last but not least, this issue also answers the questions how to fill the gap between a gestating and a lactating diet, what are opportunities in South Korea, why sow numbers in the EU decrease, how to take care of compromised piglets and what you can do to avoid disease.

ter Beek
Vincent ter Beek Editor of Pig Progress / Topic: Pigs around the world