Pig products: TR2 feeder for finishers by Rotecna

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Pig products: TR2 feeder for finishers by Rotecna

Developing the new feeder with 2 outlets technicians and engineers of I+D department have taken into consideration the success of the dry feeders for weaners TR4 and TR5 (with 4 and 5 outlets). TR2 feeder with 2 outlets corresponds to the new concept of dry feeders for finishers.

With this new feeder Rotecna offers it  for the production phase of fattening to the farmer as due to its improved technical features the feeder has a lot of advantages in comparison with the similar products available in the market.
About the product:
1. Easy access for two big animals at the same time. The V-shaped design of the feeding outlets makes the access more comfortable, allowing two big pigs to eat at the same time without problems.
2. Easy adjustment even if the feeder is full (sandwich slidegate). The exclusive design of the slidegate allows the feeder to be adjusted when it is full of feed. The so-called “sandwich” system means that the shutter does not have any pressure of the feed.
3. Better durability in optimum conditions totally made of plastic (high-density polypropylene)
and stainless steel, that makes the feeder very resistant to wearing out from use by the animals
and corrosive and oxidising agents (feed and water) for a long time.
4. Better feed drop. Its special design avoids feed accumulating and caking inside (especially mash), as well asmakes the feed slide better inside.
5. Optimising transport and mounting. To optimise the transport space, the TR-2 is stacked and palletised.
6. Hygiene and disinfection. The absence of corners and the design of the feet on the base of the feeder make it easier for the farmer to clean and disinfect it. The lack of porosity in the material maintains hygiene and guarantees better disinfection.
Technical details:
  • Nº animals/feeder, 20-22
  • Animal weight, 18-120 kg
  • Feeder Capacity, 120-130 l
  • Height, 110 cm
  • Width, 60 cm
  • Depth, 40 cm
  • Plat access, 16 cm
  • Feeder outlets, 2
  • Outlets width, 55 cm
  • Weight, 10,5 kg

Source: Rotecna

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