Pig production products at Agromek

11-11-2008 | |

New systems for feeding, drinkers, ventilation and handling of slurry plus a new farrowing pen and a box for hoof treatment are among the many significant New Product exhibits for pig production which will be presented at Agromek. A system that monitors the movement patterns of sows in the pens is one of several major new products for management.

Pig producers will be able to find machines, implements, installations and fittings for application in their production units from at least 315 out of the total of 580 exhibitors at Agromek in Herning, Denmark during the period 25th to 29th November.

Approximately 155 exhibitors will present technology and production aids which are directed at pig production. For example, there are feeding and drinker systems, ventilation and climate systems, dung clearance systems, installations and fittings plus feedstuffs and additives. There will also be machines for the transport and spreading of manure and slurry plus machines for the treatment and handling of grain.

There will also be approximately 160 exhibitors with products for all types of farming. These products include a wide range of EDP equipment, stoking systems, water purification systems, farm buildings, advisory services, education, trade magazines, high-pressure cleaners, insurance/assurance, finance and other products and services.

The various brands which will be exhibited at Agromek can be easily found in the Exhibition Guide which contains 522 different groups/types of products collated in 16 main groups. This Guide contains approximately 4,500 products from 580 exhibitors.

The Exhibition Guide involves three different tools which the visitors can apply in order to secure prior preparation of their attendance at the Exhibition. The Exhibition Guide and the List of Exhibitors are available here.

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