Pig product: Schaumann’s bound trace elements

16-04-2012 | |

Aminotrace, the organically bound trace elements has been developed by Schaumann in collaboration with the Technical University of Clausthal. Trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, cobalt, iron and iodine, are essential, i.e. vital, nutrients for animal organisms.

Whether individually or combined, these compounds are involved in many functions.
They play a role in the metabolism, reproduction, immune system, growth, development, and the regeneration of various tissues. For this reason, it is important to supplement them through the feedstuffs. Aminotrace, the organically bound trace elements are high-performance products.
They feature high solubility, optimal concentrations of trace elements, stable complexes
and exceptional biological availability.
The highly effective copper, zinc, manganese and iron bisglycinate chelate hydrates are
protected from interactions with other trace elements in the digestive tract, and thus
provide better biological availability.
With Aminotrace, the animals are supplied according to their requirements for any feeding situation. With 25 to 50 percent less added quantity, it provides a balanced supply and enables reliable performance in sow and piglet feeding, finisher feeding and dairy cattle feeding.
Aminotrace is used within the framework of the Schaumann cattle and pig programme.
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