Pig producers in Denmark set to decline

05-11-2007 | |

According to Orla Pedersen, director of the research organisation Danish Pig Production (DSP), the number of pig producers in Denmark could fall from a current 4,500 full-time producers to a mere 1,500 by 2017 with an additional 2,000 to 3,000 part-time producers.

Her sentiments were expressed at last week’s annual DSP congress where the atmosphere was reported as optimistic for 2008.

Old-fashioned strategy
Looking to the future, Pedersen suggested that producers should maybe consider increasing production of finished slaughter pigs, while reducing their weaner output. Adhering to what she called an “old-fashioned strategy” will protect livelihoods.

In addition, she commented that the remaining full-time producers will rely on “networking electronically with fellow producers and specialists regarding strategies and risk-evaluation”.

Outlook 2008
Chairman of Danske Slagterier, the Danish industry organisation for pig producers, Bent Lassen predicted a good second half of 2008 as pigmeat prices, he believes, will rise to Dkr9.90 (€1.32) per kilo. His prognosis is based on an increase in the number of cull sows throughout Europe in the next few months.

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