Pig prices at all new low in Austria

31-10-2007 | |

In view of a catastrophic market situation for piglets and slaughter pigs, Austrian ÖVP member of parliament, Jakob Auer, has appealed to pig processors to slow down the piglet market and to concentrate on trade of fresh meat in order to revive the entire pork market.

“Although it is difficult to combat European and international competition, the farmers and consumers should all work together to bring this enormous fall in pig prices back to a reasonable level. In particular, piglet prices have fallen dramatically and are falling further at now €1.30 per kilo in comparison to €2 per kilo last year.”

Feed prices
Piglet producers cannot produce at reasonable cost over a long period now because of high feed prices. This is a European problem. On account of the strong euro, exports to Russia cannot compete with cheaper competition from Brazil.

Auer has called for a marketing campaign to boost domestic pork sales.

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