Pig numbers in Germany down

28-01-2009 | |

The total number of pigs in Germany has gone down again, according to the latest figures from German agricultural market analysis bureau ZMP.

On the basis of figures by German authorities, in November 2008 26.4 million pigs were counted throughout the country – about 732,000 less (-7.2%) than in the same period one year before.

The decrease could already be seen in the first half of the year 2008 and is continuing now more or less. The number of piglets and finishers had only come down slightly, but the number of sows has decreased quite a lot.

Sow numbers
Since May, about 94,000 sows have been taken out of production – within one year the sow population went down by 143,600 animals (-5.9%). Therefore, the German domestic supply of finishers will not be able to grow, something which was common in the previous years.

A strong decrease could be noted in the number of pig producers. Within one year, about 16.7% of the producers had to give up. In November, 66,000 pig producers were still active throughout Germany.

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