Pig industry in China expects a positive 2011

23-12-2010 | |

Qiao Yufeng, China Animal Agriculture Association vice-chairman, stated that following the losses experienced at the start of 2010 the pig industry picked up again and profits started rolling in. He says that currently each farm can earn 300 yuan per pig on average.

According a report by the Economic Observer, in late June 2010 the price of pork increased in comparison to the start of the year and by end July, farmers could earn 100 yuan to 200 yuan from similar sized pigs.
This positivity can be seen with New Hope Group which is one of the largest domestic pig farming enterprises. According to one of the company’s managers, Tang Fan, although the price of pig feed has increased hugely, pork prices have risen much faster, so the profits of domestic pig farms have been rising.
Optimistic about 2011
Qiao further added that he is optimistic about 2011. The Central Economic Work Conference that just that took place recently, highlighted the importance of investment in the agricultural sector. Qiao sees this positivity making its mark on the pig industry, as the industry is one of the core focuses of the 12th Five-Year Plan.

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