Pig herd in Denmark shrunk by 10%

01-05-2008 | |

The Danish pig herd has been reduced to 12.2 million animals in the past 12 months. That means that the number of pigs was about 10% less than in the previous year on April 1.

These data were made public by the central bureau of statistics in Copenhagen.

The number of sows even came down more, by 11%, to 1.055 million animals. About 799,000 of them were in gestation at that time, over 10% less than one year ago.

The number of piglets below 50 kg dropped with the same percentage to 5.028 million. The size of the total finisher herd was reduced by 5% to 3,415 million.

According statistical analysts the shrinking of the herd is clearly related to low levels for pig meat prices and the risen costs for feed and energy.

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