Pig health and performance addressed at seminar

26-06-2009 | |

On June 11th in Rennes – France, Phytobiotics Feed Additives GmbH in collaboration with its French distributor Nordos, held a seminar featuring Feed and Intestinal Health of Pigs. The seminar was highlighted by the presence of renowned experts, Prof. Theo A. Niewold and Prof. Wondwossen Gebreyes, who together with Dr. Manfred Düngelhoef, contributed with lectures practical on health and performance issues in pigs.

Prof. Theo A. Niewold of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – Belgium, who is well known for his research projects on inflammatory processes, presented contemporary data on anti-inflammatory feed components linking to improved performance and a more stable health situation.

Prof. Wondwossen Gebreyes of The Ohio State University – USA, who inter alia, is currently involved in research about antimicrobial resistance and food borne diseases, held a lecture regarding the positive role of plant alkaloids in production, immunologic and gut physiologic parameters in swine. Ultimately, Dr. Manfred Düngelhoef (Phytobiotics Feed Additives GmbH) exhibited the latest outstanding research results related to the effects of Sangrovit® – the science approved natural plant additive – on performance parameters of pig production.

The seminar was a truly successful event and inspired the international audience. The following discussions underlined the importance and efficiency of plant alkaloids in animal nutrition. As a result of the positive feedback lectures on this seminar series will continue next year.

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