PIG getting nationwide coverage

30-08-2006 | |
PIG getting nationwide coverage

The Pork Information Gateway (PIG), a new information network to provide pork producers with an easy way to get answers to everyday challenges in pork production, is gradually becoming available throughout the USA.

This week, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln opened up the PIG for pork producers in Nebraska. Earlier this month, the PIG became available through the University of Minnesota extension service’s swine website.
PIG is part of the US Pork Center of Excellence, based at Iowa State University. The system is a virtual library where pork producers can find information in 16 categories related to swine and pork production.
The library includes peer-reviewed information from leading swine researchers in 200 fact sheets. The library is also featuring more than 2,000 questions and answers, 550 glossary definitions, 250 reference documents, and 100 pig photos in its image library.
Producers can log on and search for answers to their pork-related questions. If they are unable to find what they are looking for, producers also can submit a question to be answered by the USPCE.
The system was first introduced at this year’s World Pork Expo. Producers and interested parties can log onto the PIG Web site from any state at www.porkgateway.org.
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