Pig farm stays at Czech camp site

11-04-2007 | |

The Czech government does not want to pay money to remove a pig farm from the site of the former concentration camp.

This news was published by the Czech news agency CTK, earlier this week.

Prime minister Mirek Topolanek said that the government is supporting the construction of a new memorial near the farm in Lety, South Bohemia, but does not intend to move the farm.

The Committee for Compensation of Romany Holocaust Victims (VPORH) disagrees with preserving of the farm, as it is the very spot on which 326 people died during World War Two.

The Czech prime minister said, “Every previous government promised to solve the problem of Lety but none of the governments found enough money to implement the project of the removal of the farm to another place. No one will manage to do this because no one will find such a sum in the state budget.”

Estimates for the costs for removing the pig farm are varying, up to almost €29 million.

Jan Cech, director of the Agpi company, the owner of the pig farm, welcomed the preservation.

“This is positive news to us and I must frankly say that it is also logical. The insecurity concerns not only company employees and its owners, but also suppliers and buyers who do not know whether to continue their cooperation with us,” Cech said.

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