Pig export trends in France steady

27-11-2008 | |

Finished pigs in France, marked a 1.1% rise against 2007 in the January to October year to date with a total of nearly 2.2 million going down the slaughter lines.

Figures released this week by the French government’s agricultural statistics agency, Agreste also indicate a 5.2% year-on-year drop in year to date breeding herd cull numbers, which stood at 373 890 head at the end of October.
At this time last year, the French pig industry was in the middle of a heavy cull, so year-on-year drops of around 12% for September and October cull numbers come as no surprise.
While current year to date clean pig tonnages remain within one percentage point of 2007 levels, there has been an 8% lift in June to September pigmeat exports, which topped 501 000t this year.
Russia and Asian destinations account for 25% of all France’s third country tonnages. Average year to date pricing compares favourably with 2006, although domestic demand is slower than 2007, Agreste observes.

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