Pig equipment company Rotecna celebrating twentieth anniversary

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Spanish livestock equipment manufacturer Rotecna is celebrating its twentieth birthday this year.

The company has come a long way from the first Dutch type feeder produced to present itself, which is still part of the company’s portfolio. Nowadays, it has come to contain over 100 products. “Rotecna’s evolution over these 20 years fills us with satisfaction,” stated Gener Romeu, the company’s founder, “and we consider it our starting point to continue our task for many years to come”.

Over the years, the company has industrialised rapidly, being present in over 70 countries. In fact, 70% of our turnover is thanks to export to the five continents, but with Europe as a leading destination.

The company celebrated its 20 years of life at the biannual show Fima Ganadera (15-18 March), in Zaragoza, Spain, presenting new products for modern pig farming. On one hand, a new business unit dedicated to liquid feeding was presented; with the Evofeed station, that has been conceived as the evolution of this type of feeding.

In addition, the company also displayed recent additions to its catalogue among which are the Swing R3 family, the new Maxi Pan and Maxi Hooper Pan, as well as its heating panels.

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