Pig earthquake survivor doubles in size

10-07-2008 | |

A pig that survived 36 days trapped under debris from the Chinese earthquake has doubled in size since his rescue.

The pig survived the ordeal by eating charcoal and drinking rainwater but lost two-thirds of its body weight whilst it was trapped.

Named Zhu Jianqiang -Pig Strong Will- he has since been adopted by Jianchuan Museum where he has become the most popular attraction.

Curators say Zhu Jianqiang is recovering well and has a new playmate, a goat which also survived the earthquake. The museum has promised to take good care of the pig for the rest of his natural life – and say he has already doubled in size from 50kg to nearly 100kg.

The pig has also been promised a life-long supply of pig feed and free insurance. The insurance company promised to pay the museum nearly £400 if the pig dies from a natural disaster, such as another earthquake.

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