Pig disease in China still needs surveillance

16-07-2007 | |

Blue-ear pig disease (PRRS) that hit 39,455 pigs in China is been basically under control, but remains a big challenge to certain areas.

Since the start of this year, the outbreak had hit 25 provinces on the mainland. “With temperature and humidity staying high during the season, it’s impossible to rule out the possibility of aggravation in some areas,” according to a notice from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The ministry urged veterinary departments to stay on alert, having a full grasp of the severity of the highly pathogenic disease and using all possible means to curb its spread.
It predicted that the short supply of vaccines would be eased in August when more would be released. Vaccine immunization should focus on boars and sows to ensure a healthy reproduction of the animals, the ministry said, adding that the Yangtze River valley and other major epidemic areas needed to be kept under watch.

Enough pork supply
Huang Hai, assistant Minister of Commerce assured the public that the government was capable of securing pork supplies, despite the disease. Commerce, agricultural and economic planning departments have been urged to stage an overhaul on local pork reserves to ease the short supply.

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