Pig complex opened in the Rostov region, Russia

09-08-2011 | |

In Millerovo district of Rostov region, located on the south-east of Russia, an innovative pig complex has recently been opened with the total cost of 1.6 billion roubles (US$ 56,5 mln.)

A distinctive feature of the new complex is that it will be equipped with modern technologies, which will almost completely eliminate the risk of animals being infected with dangerous diseases, even in the context of an epizootic spreading, according to the press service of the Governor of Rostov region.
According to a report, new pig complex has been constructed in full compliance with all modern standards and is capable of producing 11 tonnes of pork a year. The equipment of the complex can significantly increase the level of biological safety and almost completely eliminate the risk of pig infections of various diseases at all stages of production, which is a “fundamental task in the face of the African Swine Fever threat,” said Governor of Rostov Region, Vasily Golubev.
“Without this measure, the development of agriculture today is impossible,” added the head of the region. “The creation of such unique complexes – challenge not only the level of the subject, but also on the federal level.”
This pig complex is the first one in territory of Russia that will use the innovative technology of  high level biological safety. Region officials also note that many large Russian investors already expressed their interest considering these technologies, and it is predicted that in the coming years in Russia it will be implemented in a number of similar projects.
(By Vladislav Vorotnikov)



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