Pig breeding down in Czech Republic

08-02-2007 | |

Pig breeders are annually winding down activities in the Czech Republic. In the last five years, pig stocks have decreased by 600,000 to 2,840,000, says the Czech Statistical Office (CSU).

According to the Agricultural Chamber, the trend is due to growing prices of feed and energy and rising pork imports.

Statistics show that Czech breeders are getting about five crowns (€0.18) less per kg of pork than is the EU average.

Pig breeding in the Czech Republic accounts for about a quarter of animal production and approximately 10% of agricultural production in the country.

Before joining the EU, the Czech Republic was self-sufficient in pork. In 2006, however, pork production covered only 80% of domestic demand.

Imports and exports of live pigs and pork in 2003 to 2006 (data in tonnes):
  Imports  Exports 
  Pigs Meat    Pigs  Meat   
 2003   49 28,457 4,415 9,145
 2004  569 62,989 55,239 14,479
 2005 3566 111,599 17,287 21,327
 2006 5233 112,743 14,514 21,269
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