Pig breeders to provide food chain information

12-12-2007 | |
Pig breeders to provide food chain information

Pig slaughterhouses are required after January 1, 2008 to possess so-called food chain information at slaughtering, according to the Agrarisch Dagblad.

Use of substances in breeding such as medicines are implied here. With such information, the slaughterhouses can determine whether special measures are required at slaughtering to maintain food safety.

Pig breeders have to provide this information within 24 hours of slaughtering to the slaughter companies. This can be carried out in two ways – for those linked to the IKB-system (Netherlands Nutrition Centre), the information can be entered into their database or alternatively, a form can be sent to the slaughter company directly.

New code for pig slaughtering
This regulation forms part of a new hygiene code for pig slaughterhouses. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority VWA will supervise implementation of the new regulation and will also use the information collected to carry out more targeted inspections of slaughter facilities.

According to Hidde Rang of the Dutch Product Board for Livestock, Meat and Eggs (PVE), the majority of slaughterhouses are well-prepared for the new regulation. There are, however, some questions such as whether pig breeders should also notify slaughterhouses in cases where no extra substances have been used?

A meeting took place in Zoetermeer between the associations involved to decide on a clear system of providing the information.

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