Pig breeders in central provinces ignoring ban

23-07-2007 | |

Although Quang Nam province in Vietname has banned the slaughter and sale of pigs, local people are still selling their pigs infected with PRRS (blue-ear).

Many pig breeders want to sell as many of them as possible now that the epidemic had spread in the area. On many roads, pig sellers have been racing their motorbikes to transport pigs from diseased quarters to scattered slaughterhouses. The pork was still being sold freely in many markets in the Da Nang city area.

A pork seller at Hoi An market said, “Nobody has ever said anything about the pork sale ban. My pork is from identifiable sources, clean and disease-free and every piece has quality inspection stamps.”

Prevent from spreading

According to Chairman of the Hoi An commune People’s Committee Le Van Giang, the disease has spread to only a few small areas in the commmune and local authorities are doing all that they can to prevent it from spreading wider such as inspecting pigs before sending them to slaughterhouses or markets.

In markets where cooked pork is still being sold, however, customers have no way of knowing whether these pigs have been inspected or not. Another alarming phenomenon is occuring in Thang Binh district, the key blue-ear area of Quang Nam: some people have been digging up dead pigs for their bones and meat to sell to restaurants.

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