Pig breeder Rattlerow Seghers expands in China

08-01-2010 | |

Belgian pig breeder Rattlerow Seghers has announced to step up its breeding activities in China.

The partners Hebei Yufeng Jing An Breeding and the Belgian breeder reached an agreement on December 29, 2009, to increase the nucleus programme in order to have and maintain a sow herd of 400,000 within a three year timeframe.

Nucleus herd
The Chinese nucleus herd of Rattlerow Seghers will therefore be expanded to 600 sows and preparatory construction has already begun. In the summer of 2010, nucleus animals will be transported to China. In 2009, the company delivered approximately 85,000 breeding animals in China.

About ten years ago, the joint venture Hebei Seghers Breeding was created in Hebei province, at about 250 km South West of Beijing.

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