Pig and poultry show AveSui: 15,000 visitors

13-05-2009 | |

AveSui has become a major trade show in Brazil. Serving the poultry and swine business in Latin America, this year’s show took place from April 27-29 in the Expo Center Norte in the city of São Paulo (SP).

Despite the novel©influenza A virus (H1N1), previously known as ‘swine flu’,©that currently threatens the world, the show attracted no less than 15,000 professional visitors from various countries in Latin America. AveSui attracted around 150 exhibitors in the field of production, coming from 15 countries among which from China, USA, Canada, India, Argentina, France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. According to the show organisers, business was done valuing over US$145 million.

Concurrently with the show, a seminar programme took place on poultry and swine production. Despite the considerable interest of international exhibitors and visitors, this years AveSui was the national edition of the show. Next years show will take place in the city of Florianópolis (SC) again and is planned to be an international edition. It will be held from May 10-13.

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