PIC Australia installs new feeding system

21-09-2009 | |

PIC Australia has recently completed the installation of new feeders at its genetic nucleus herd in Grong Grong, New South Wales, Australia.

The feeders, Osborne Industries’ Feed Intake Recording Equipment (FIRE), were installed at Grong Grong to test the performance of genetic nucleus level boars.

Data collection
The feeding system automates the data collection of feed intake and the weight of each meal an animal consumes. Each feeder is equipped with an antenna which reads the individual Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, thus identifying each individual animal.

The information collected by the feeders is then sent to the on-farm computer programme database. Pigs, sheep and goats have been successfully tested with these feeders and more than 1,200 are in use in the USA, the UK, China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Germany, Canada, and now Australia.

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