Phodé introduces product to increase feed intake

12-05-2009 | |

Phodé, a private company specialising in olfaction and nutrition is proud to introduce VéO, a unique complex that has been especially developed to optimise feed intake and stress management in farm animals.

VéO® is the result of twelve years of research and development in Phodé’s Laboratories. Its activity and modes of action are backed-up by numerous scientific studies about the effects of aromatic compounds on the brain, and their consequences at farm level. VéO® is at the core of Phodé’s range of sensory feed additives: Phoderush®, Oleobiotec® and Cristalfeed® Intech.

Born from a collection of odours!
Phodé’s research is dedicated to a better understanding of the effects that olfactory molecules can exert on the emotions, behaviour, and well-being of living beings. In order to develop a unique range of sensory feed additives, scientists at Phodé have formulated a combination of aromatic compounds selected from amongst the collection of authorised compounds in Europe for their positive effects on animals. Indeed, animals, like humans, are very receptive to the positive or negative influence of odours, which in turn can impact on their well-being, appetite and overall behaviour.

Effects at brain-level
Scientific studies are being conducted on various species in order to evaluate and better understand the effects of VéO® on appetite, feed loyalty, as well as stress management. Altogether, these studies indicate that VéO® has the ability to modulate the transmission of messages within the central nervous system, in particular within the centers involved in the regulation of stress and satiety: VéO® can be said to trigger positive effects within these centers, influencing the animal’s physiological state and behaviour. Thus, by improving the animals well-being, VéO® can be said to favour voluntary feed intake and lead to feed loyalty.

Recent studies have shown VéO® positive effects on ruminant voluntary feed intake and farm performances. It has also been reported that some of VéO®‘s components could reduce anxiety and improve mood in humans (Lehrner et al. 2005). In 2008, Jean-François Bisson et al.© demonstrated that some of the components used in VéO® improve behaviour and response to stress and pain in rats submitted to various stressful situations.

Field-validated benefits
VéO® benefits on animal feed consumption and response to stress have been validated by field trials on various animal species. In lactating sow, for example, voluntary feed intake increases, resulting in a positive effect on litter weight at weaning (Phoderush® trial, Canada).

VéO® creates a positive and unique sensory experience that will imprint onto the animal’s deep memory. This mechanism induces feed loyalty. Pleasure, attractiveness, appetite stimulation, feed loyalty, and stress reduction: these combined effects are able to enhance animal’s feed intake and well-being in a natural way.

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