Philippines to export pork to Singapore

09-02-2007 | |

The Philippines is expected to begin exporting pork products to Singapore, according to Agriculture Secretary, Arthur Yap. Two Mindanao-based meat processors, Matutom Packaging and Nenita’s, have shown that they are capable of exporting pork products and can start by June or July this year.

Singapore will source some of its pork requirements from the Philippines due to of the FMD -free status of the country. Malaysia is currently Singapore’s primary source of pork products, however, it is apparently experiencing some FMD contamination, said Agriculture Assistant Secretary, Salvador Salacup.

The Philippines is still awaiting further clearance from the Office Internationale de Epizooties (OIE) declaring all other parts of the country as free from FMD contamination.

Yap had previously said that Mindanao could be the country’s hub for pork exports. According to Yap, Mindanao’s comparative advantages as a top animal feed producer and ideal site for breeder farms and processing facilities would make it an ideal export hub for pork and processed meat products.

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