Philippines intensify pig disease battle

16-08-2006 | |

The Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) has intensified its preventive measures to control the spread of pig diseases, after experts said the porcine diarrhoea syndrome in some pig farms had killed piglets.

To enhance the process, the DA, through the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) created a task force to solve these cases of diarrhoea problems. More samples from affected areas are being collected to establish what clinical signs manifested in those farms.
The examination of the samples at the Philippine Animal Industry Health Center, produced different diagnosis which includes: African swine fever, Aujeszky’s disease, PMWS, Rotavirus enteritis and porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED).
A BAI spokesman said that the task force will continue collecting samples from pig farms to decide what measures have to be taken and whether vaccination is necessary.
The importance of vaccine was demonstrated in the feed-back system. Here, broth is prepared from the intestines of live affected piglets and administered to pregnant sows during the third week of gestation. It was shown that piglets from these sows had no cases of diarrhoea. Those that recur are those administered later than the third week of gestation.

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