Philippines: Hundreds of kilos of ‘hot meat’ seized

16-12-2011 | |

In Taguing, Philippines, officials seized 400 kilos of ‘hot meat’. Authorities believe that some meat were imported.

Hot meat, also know as Botcha meat, is a term used for double-dead meat –  usually meat of a dead or sick animal – pig or chicken in particular.
The meat seized was said to be pork and chicken meat.

Dr. Randy Lontoc of The National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) has stated that the vendors selling the meat may be charged with violating an administrative order.

Due to the current festive season, meat demand is expected to increase, therefore NMIS is keeping a close eye on markets and doing inspections in case of tainted meat being present.
NMIS on Thursday also seized 114 kilos of possible tainted processed meat in a market in Quezon City.
Source: GMA News